Class: OperatorMessage


Message sent by the Operator

Property Summary

(string) id

Identifier of the message. This identifier can be used to track a single message's status updates through time and to avoid re-rendering the entire list of messages when the status of only a single message has changed.

(string) content

Content of the message

(string) sender

Sender type, always

(?object) attachment

Attachments add more context to a message, enhance user experience and make it more interactive.

Object properties:

  • type - Must be one of ATTACHMENT_TYPES
  • options - Must be array of objects containing all the available options for selection
  • image_url - Optional property. When present must be type of string. URL of an image displayed on top of the choices expressing clear intent of the cards.

    single_choice singular option properties
    • text Text displayed to user as a choice label.
    • value Value of the choice sent as a response on user interaction.

Variables Summary

  SINGLE_CHOICE: 'single_choice'

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