Class: VisitorMessage


Message sent by the Visitor

Property Summary

(string) id

Identifier of the message. This identifier can be used to track a single message's status updates through time and to avoid re-rendering the entire list of messages when the status of only a single message has changed.

(string) content

Content of the message

(string) sender

Sender type, always

(?string) status

Message delivery status, see STATUSES. Null if the object was received using event. Status SENDING: The message is being sent but has not yet been received by the Operator. Status RESENDING: The message delivery has failed at least once and a retry has been initiated. Status DELIVERED: The message has been successfully sent and the Operator has received it. Status FAILED: The message's delivery has failed. This may sometimes happen in poor network conditions.

(?object) attachment

Attachments add more context to a message, enhance user experience and make it more interactive. Typically a response to OperatorMessage

Object fields:

Variables Summary

  SENDING: 'sending',
  DELIVERED: 'delivered',
  FAILED: 'failed',
  RESENDING: 'resending'
  SINGLE_CHOICE_RESPONSE: 'single_choice_response'

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