Class: WidgetMediaUpgradeRequest



Allowing both 'phone' and 'audio' upgrades on 'audio' request

function chooseMedia(requestedMedias) {
  return Promise.resolve(requestedMedias[0]);
function askVisitorsPhoneNumber() {
  return Promise.resolve('+12058675309');
function getUpgradeOptions(requestedMedias) {
  chooseMedia(requestedMedias).then(function(media) {
    if (media === 'phone') {
      return askVisitorsPhoneNumber().then(function(phoneNumber) {
        return {
          media: 'phone',
          options: {phoneNumber: phoneNumber}
    } else {
      return Promise.resolve({media: media});

var engagementRequest = salemove.requestEngagement('text');
engagementRequest.engagementPromise.then(function(engagement) {
  var handleWidgetMediaUpgradeRequests = function(request) {
    getUpgradeOptions(request.medias).then(function(args) {
      return engagement.upgrade(, args.options);
    }).catch(function(error) {
      // Handle error


Property Summary

(Array) medias

An array of medias requested by the Visitor from the sm-engaged-visitor widget. The possible values are: 'audio', 'phone', 'video'.

(string) media Deprecated

The media requested by the Visitor from the sm-engaged-visitor widget. Is one of: 'audio', 'video'.

Deprecated. Use medias instead.

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