Class: AggregateQueueState

Property Summary

(string) state

Current state of the queue. One of AggregateQueueState.QUEUE_STATES.

(?Array<string>) medias

An array of media types through which Operators are accessible. Possible values are Engagement.MEDIA_TYPES.

Only defined when the state is CAN_QUEUE.

(?string) transitionReason

The reason of transition from the previous to the current state. One of AggregateQueueState.TRANSITION_REASONS.

(?QueueTicket) ticket

A QueueTicket instance that acts as a token for Visitor's spot in the queue.

Only defined when the state is QUEUED.

Variables Summary

  CAN_QUEUE: "can_queue",
  CANNOT_QUEUE: "cannot_queue",
  QUEUED: "queued"
  ENGAGED: "engaged",
  CANCELED: "canceled",
  UNSTAFFED: "unstaffed",
  CLOSED: "closed",
  DISCONNECTED: "disconnected",
  FAILED: "failed",
  ALREADY_QUEUED: "already_queued",
  FORBIDDEN: "forbidden"

Transition reasons

  • ENGAGED - Visitor successfully engaged with Operator
  • CANCELED - Visitor abandoned the queue
  • UNSTAFFED - All Operators became unavailable
  • CLOSED - Queue was closed by administrative action
  • DISCONNECTED - Visitor disconnected
  • FAILED - Visitor failed to enqueue
  • ALREADY_QUEUED - Visitor can have multiple concurrent sessions browsing the application. This reason indicates that the Visitor has already entered the queue from another session.
  • FORBIDDEN - Visitor is forbidden to enqueue. For example when the Visitor was banned while queued.

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