Class: QueueTicket


A token for Visitor's spot in the queue.

Property Summary

(Promise) engagementPromise

Fulfilled with Engagement

If an Operator becomes available and accepts Visitor's request then this promise will be fulfilled with the resulting Engagement.

Rejected with Error

If the request is unsuccessful then the promise will be rejected with an Error. The Error may have one of the following causes:

  • CANCEL: Visitor's spot in the queue was canceled. This can happen, for example, after using QueueTicket#cancel or when there are no more Operators online.

Instance Method Summary

Instance Method Details

# (Promise) cancel()

Cancel Visitor's spot in the queue.

Calling this method will cause the engagementPromise to be rejected with a CANCEL cause.


  • ( Promise ) — Fulfilled with an empty object or rejected with an Error if the process fails. The Error may have the following cause: INTERNAL_ERROR.

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