Class: Config


Configuration object of the visitor app.

Property Summary

(string) apiUrl

The SaleMove API URL.

(string) engagementMode

During engagement client site can be wrapped into an element where CoBrowsing session is started with an operator. This configuration option tells whether the client browser should be wrapped into an iframe (engagementMode == 'iframed') or not (engagementMode == 'iframeless'). When 'iframed' option is used, the engagement should be iframed using Engagement#iframePage.

(string) externalButtonHtml

HTML for a SaleMove button (Deprecated).

(boolean) offlineMessagesEnabled

When true, visitors should be able to send offline messages to operators. When false, visitors should not be able to send offline messages.

(boolean) reactiveTabEnabled

When true, the Reactive Tab tab should be enabled. When false, the Reactive Tab should be disabled.

(boolean) widgetMode

When true, the views shown to visitor during engagement should be draggable around the page. When false, the views should be fixed in place.

(ReactiveTabVisuals) reactiveTabVisuals

Visual configuration of the Reactive Tab as a ReactiveTabVisuals instance.

(SiteLogo) siteLogo

Logo configuration for this site (SiteLogo).

(boolean) showReactiveTabWhenOperatorsUnavailable

When true, Visitors should see the Reactive Tab tab even when there are no operators available. When false, Visitors should not see the Reactive Tab without available operators.

(string) theme Deprecated

Either a URL to a custom theme's CSS or an empty string. When an empty string, reactiveTabVisuals should be used for styling instead. Otherwise reactiveTabVisuals should be ignored.

Deprecated. Use isCustomTheme instead.
(boolean) isCustomTheme

When true, a non-default theme is being used for the site. When false, reactiveTabVisuals should be used for styling instead. Otherwise reactiveTabVisuals should be ignored.

(boolean) queuingEnabled

When true, Visitors can queue for Engagements.

See Salemove#queueForEngagement for more information.

(string) locale

The locale of the application. The format of the locale consists of the primary sub-code that identifies the language in ISO 639-1 format (e.g., "en") and a ISO 3166-2 sub-code capital letters that specifies the national variety (e.g., "GB" or "US"). The default locale is "en-US".

(string) panelPosition

Shows on which side the Engagement Panel should be positioned. When 'right', the Engagement Panel should be positioned to the right side of the web page. When 'left', the Engagement Panel should positioned on the left side of the page.

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